World's Greatest Superfoods

The World's Eight Most Powerful Superfoods

World's Greatest
Superfoods Revealed

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You've heard the word "Superfood" it's the health food industry's favorite stamp of approval for antioxidant-rich foods that lower your risk of life threatening diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.  Send for this groundbeaking report today, and get the inside scoop on the eight most powerful superfoods -- they are "foods" you need to know about to halt aging in its tracks!

Here's a sample of the Superfoods found in the report:

Superfood No. 1 How Chlorella - not only keeps your skin wrinkle-free, but also helps you live longer! 
The phytochemicals found in chlorella are renowned for their disease and age-fighting properties!  

Chlorella also abounds in nucleic acids - which promote the rejuvenation of your own DNA and RNA, enabling your body to repair itself quickly and ward off aging.

Superfood No. 2:  Maca - The Sacred Plant More Precious than Gold!
This Peruvian herb has been used for over 2,000 years to heal a variety of health conditions, it's best known for restoring physical strength, alleviating PMS, improving fertility, and enhancing libido which has caused many a South american to nickname it "Spanish Viagra!" . Maca also boosts energy levels and may even help prevent certain forms of cancer.

Superfood No. 3:  Spirulina - The Most Nutrient-Dense Food on the Planet!
One of the oldest living organisms on earth, spirulina is an edible variety of fresh water, blue-green algae that is much like sea vegetables such as chlorella, kelp, nori, kuma, arame and wakame. Dr. Joseph Mercola calls spirulina “Nature’s nearly “perfect” whole food.”

In fact spirulina is such a perfect whole food, that you can throw away your multi-vitamin supplements and fortify yourself with this superfood instead. It strengthens the immune system, removes toxins from your body, improves heart health, can help stabilize blood sugar levels, and much more...

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